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General Treatment

​StepEase Podiatry can assist with a range of general treatment options – everything from foot injuries to cracked heels.

Whilst we treat a wide range of foot problems, our guiding principle is to prevent any difficulties before they even arise.



We encourage all our clients to organise consistent general check-ups with one of our podiatrists. Regular appointments with StepEase Podiatry can help you avoid the development of common yet painful foot conditions produced by the rush of everyday life, including things like:

  • Ingrown and elongated toenails, or nails that are hard and infected
  • Bunions, corns, or callouses
  • Cracked, sore, or dry feet

Your feet don’t have to be in critical condition to consult a podiatrist. We will use your consultation time to give you professional advice on how to keep healthy, beautiful feet, and perform general treatments such as nail cutting and filing.


Our clinic is safe, sterilised, and accessible to you for any concern – regardless of whether it’s big or small. Contact us today to organise a general treatment.

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