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So you can get on with your active life.

We're working Harder So You Find it Easier.

From modest beginnings in Sydney, Australia. We have moved from practicing  face to face in a Clinical environment to expanding to an Online Podiatry Clinic.

We’ve changed our location  to enable equal and easy accessibility to every person in need of our services, on a Global spectrum. 

How we Can? Is what we are most excited about...

We are all about how your feet move. With the combination of years of Bio-mechanical expertice and the power of Science Technology, we have created a new age in treatment strategies. 

We’ve always been transparent and provided honest treatment methods. These changes will ensure we can keep it that way. 

See a Podiatrist. The New Way.

Doctors and Plastic surgeons have been able to see their patients online for years now, and now you can see a Podiatrist about your pain in a similar fasion. 

Using a Secure videophone integration System called TeleHealth. 

Leaving Your Home or Office to See a Podiatrist is now a thing of the past.

How It Works

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Use the link to enter the waiting room at the time of your appointment to enter your appointment. 

See the Podiatrist

The Podiatrist will see you see you and attend to your concerns, give you a clear understanding and treatment options.

All without the need to leave your comfort zone.