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Diabetes-Related High Risk Foot ​

StepEase Podiatry can offer a hands-on assessment in conjunction with the latest technologies to manage your chance of developing High Risk Foot disease.

Diabetes can have an incredibly detrimental impact on the shape and development of the feet. Patients with diabetes risk developing foot ulcers and infections that. If left untreated, this can result in amputation or death.



According to The College of Podiatry a lower limb is amputated every 20 seconds due to diabetes, even though 85% of amputations can be prevented with commitment to a health care plan organised by a podiatrist.

One of our StepEase podiatrists can assist diabetics concerned about High Risk Foot disease by conducting early tests to determine nerve damage. The most effective treatment occurs in cases where the condition is caught early.

However, podiatrists can also treat accelerated cases with wound care, treatment of infection, and pressure relieving strategies.

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