Life is complicated.

But Your Feet and Knees
don't need to be...

Is Foot Pain or Knee Pain getting you down?

You're not alone. Your feet take you in all sorts of directions and your knees and hips follow their lead.

No matter if a child, adult, elderly or athlete. It’s quite common to experience some foot or knee troubles from time to time. when you think about how many steps you take on a daily basis, multiplied by weeks…months…and years. The pressures of small daily activity on your feet can add up quickly and put you out of balance which can cause pain and discomfort as symptoms.

In most cases, bringing the balance back in to your step is quite simple once you understand the cause of your pain.

This is exactly what our Podiatrists specialise in.

In as little as 15 minutes, with a complimentary virtual Podiatry appointment, you can have all the answers.
We just need to see how your feet move.

For Children, Adults and Athletes...


Learn More about conditions we treat for Children including:

Learn more about conditions we treat for Adults including:

  • Heel Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Bunions
  • Hip Pain
  • Corns & Callus
  • Arthritis

Learn more about how we can help support your feet and knees and give you the best starting position to help you accelerate in your sport. We help sports including:

We're here to help you get the balance back into your feet and get you out of pain right away. Want to know how?

3 Ways StepEase Podiatry Can Help

Firstly, We know feet and knees.

We love to take our time and share our knowledge with you so you get a good understanding of your presenting concern, how it was caused and how it can be treated.

Because we know that when you understand where your pain or discomfort is coming from, you’re more likely to do treat it.

Secondly, the world has Evolved in Technology and so have we!

There is actually now, more than ever, very little need to physically visit a clinic.

StepEase Podiatry has been using their own custom built technology in clinic and now has enhanced to provide all of our services online using software called TeleHealth.

Thirdly, we've gone Virtual so You Can Benefit.

Now that you can access a complimentary TeleHealth appointment online, You can jump the patient waiting lists and have your pain resolved today.

We're here to help. Every step of the way. The only thing you can lose is the pain.